Sang Wa Drak Chen Auspicious Opportunity

As you know on April 29th & 30th we are blessed to have His Holiness, Menri Gyalwa Trizin 34th once again with us in Warwick NY, for the very special empowerment of the sacred Yi Dham, Sang Wa Drak Chen.

This will be the first time His Holiness is offering this special Yi Dham initiation, which includes a sand mandala and fire rituals. A ritual of this kind takes long range, large scale planning and Rinpoche travelled to Menri earlier in the year specifically to speak in person with His Holiness and the monks required to complete the rites.

Chongtul Rinpoche knows the immense healing power of this ritual and has encouraged participation by those Bön practitioners who are chronically ill or occasionally struggle with physical and energetic illness. We know many of you can’t travel to Warwick to be with us in person but there is another way you can participate and this is by helping to sponsor the rituals. Helping to sponsor a ritual such as this has immense benefit on your karma and is a blessing for your life. All donors will have their name handwritten on paper and placed in the fire after the ritual has completed. 

Six monks are coming from Menri Monastery to perform the elaborate sand mandala, mask dance and fire rituals, and the cost for this is $20,000. All donations will go to support their travel and accommodation. Your support of them in this beautiful event is greatly appreciated. This will be the first time that the Yi Dham Sang Wa Dark Chen sand mandala has been created in the US, and the empowerment by the generosity of His Holiness will also bless the environment of our Warwick retreat land in preparation for future developments.

With your generosity, we will welcome the following monks to our Warwick Temple.

Tsering Dechok, Rituals
Sherab Wangyal, Sand Mandala
Dawa Namgyal, Doctor from Medical School
Tenzin Kunchap, Abbot of Bön
Nyima Senghe, Caretaker of Protector Temple
Takla Tenzin, Stupa Carpenter

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