Menri Nuns

Retna Menling was founded by His Holiness 33rd and is located near Menri Monastery. It is special place for the flourishing of Bon girls. Currently, Retna Menling nunnery has over 100 nuns, ranging in age from 4 to 50 years old. All the nuns receive a full education from kindergarten through 12th grade, studying English, Hindi, Tibetan, math, modern science and social science. Living there provides time for school homework and for participating in the Bon religion study program.  After graduating from their modern education program, they can choose to join the Nun program and after ten years of dedicated study, become a Nun Geshe., 

In March 2022, the first 4 nuns completed this program and officially became Nun Geshes. This is the realization of His Holiness 33rd’s  great vision and dream.  We congratulate them.

Your sponsorship donation to this fund supports the nuns in their education in many ways, including providing meals, school uniforms, monastery school clothing, general clothing, schoolbooks and supplies, and emergency medical care.

Know that your donation helps improve the life and education of each nun.  Thank you.

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