Tse Dup Yang Bod Recitation

Chongtul Rinpoche will lead group practice for Bon Shen Ling Students of Tse Dup Yang Bod. This recitation group is open to those who are currently studying Tse Dup Yang Bod with Chongtul Rinpoche as well as Bon Shen Ling Drupshen Pa, Drupshen Ma, and Lopons.

Saturday, Sept 3rd 2022

10am-12pm ET on Zoom

Saturday, Nov 5th 2022

10am-12pm ET on Zoom

Saturday, Dec 3rd 2022

10am – 12pm ET on Zoom



Chongtul Rinpoche resides and teaches in NY, splitting his time between the temple in Woodside, Queens, NY and the temple/retreat center in Warwick, NY.

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