Tibetan Five Chakra Healing

Saturday, February 18 – Sunday, February 19, 2023

10am-12pm and 2-4pm ET on Zoom

Gutor Chenmo is celebrated in the days before Losar – Tibetan New Year – to welcome an auspicious year ahead.

To best prepare for the new year, Geshe Chongtul Rinpoche will offer a very special teaching on the Tibetan Five Chakra system and the practice of invoking the spirit of voice from within the five chakras. Through natural voice the vibrations can open these chakras, instill calm and promote healing.

Chongtul Rinpoche will teach about the five-syllable A Om Hung Ram Za.

The five-chakra healing can help one regain their own natural wisdom. In this teaching, students will:

  • Recognize the qualities and function of each chakra in the Tibetan system
  • Learn to develop each chakra
  • Practice connecting the secret, solar, heart, throat and crown chakras through a combination of meditation and mantra chanting.

This practice results in a deep sense of wisdom energy that can bring peace of mind, and ultimately balance and healing to the world.

Price: $ 220.00
Cancellations by January 31 are subject to a $50 administrative fee. No refunds after February 1.

A link to register for your unique Zoom link will be provided upon payment.

Due to the very sacred nature of these teachings  Bon Shen Ling does not allow recording of audio or video of Rinpoche’s teachings. We ask that you please honor Rinpoche’s request. By registering for the teachings you are agreeing to this. Thank you.



Chongtul Rinpoche resides and teaches in NY, splitting his time between the temple in Woodside, Queens, NY and the temple/retreat center in Warwick, NY.

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