Private Appointments with His Holiness of the Bon – Summer 2023

As many have requested appointments with His Holiness the 34th Gyalwa Menri, Bön Shen Ling shall facilitate meetings with His Holiness for a blessing or to offer your services to support Bön.

Appointments are available June 8th-14th and July 22nd-27th at Bön Shen Ling’s Woodside & Warwick Temples.

Please send an email to HH34appointments@bonshenling.org and we will confirm a date/time/location as possible. 

Email requests should include: 

  • Your name
  • Phone number
  • Date/general time of desired appointment
  • Indication of whether you are a Bön practitioner or have another spiritual tradition
  • Your reason for requesting an appointment

Etiquette and protocol for meeting with His Holiness are as follows:

  • Please dress nicely and modestly. No bare shoulders or shorts.
  • Bring a good khata and envelope with dana to offer.
  • Once you arrive at the location, monks will receive you and take you to His Holiness at the appointed time.
  • As you greet him His Holiness, open your khata with the dana envelope resting in it, then bow your head and place the envelope on the table or into His Holiness’ hand.
  • Be seated and share your request or offer of service.
  • An appointment for a blessing will last no more than 5 minutes.
  • An appointment offering services or skills to help Bön may last a bit longer.
  • Then His Holiness will bless you, perhaps give you a blessing treasure for you to keep in your sacred place.
  • Then, you may leave with your blessing.

Please note these appointments are for in-person meetings only — not video or audio calls.

What types of service and skills might one offer to His Holiness?

  • Medical visit to Menri Monastery: Once a year a visit by medical personnel to provide health exams and basic healthcare to 500 children and monks.
  • Computer, technical and web assistance for Menri Monastery periodically.
  • Financial and accounting assistance to help in the U.S. with bookkeeping, bank account records, and annual fundraising for Bön.
  • Legal assistance on immigration and establishing new Bön centers in the U.S.
  • Educational and scholarship guidance for Bön children who’d like to pursue a university or college education in the U.S.
  • Organizational skills to help coordinate Bön temple projects in various places.
  • Assistance coordinating the childrens and monk sponsorship programs. 
  • Communications assistance to help create a strong, clear Bön voice and message.

If you are interested in offering these sorts of services please let Bön Shen Ling know. The Bön community would be most appreciative.



Chongtul Rinpoche resides and teaches in NY, splitting his time between the temple in Woodside, Queens, NY and the temple/retreat center in Warwick, NY.

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