Chongtul Rinpoche

Geshe Chongtul Rinpoche has been teaching Bön religion in North America over the last decade. Each year the number of students increases because of a growing interest in meditation and in Bön religion. Rinpoche believes the interest in Bön – particularly the Bön Dzogchen meditation system – reflects a growing desire for peace.

Our Temples

Bon means wisdom, Shen means a sangha of practitioners and Ling means a place for gathering. Bon Shen Ling currently maintains two Bon Temples. A smaller temple in Woodside, NY, and a beautiful larger retreat center set on 125 acres in Warwick which is in upstate NY. The retreat center has accommodations on site for our longer teachings and retreats and we have plans to expand this into a full Bon Cultural Center. Geshe Chongtul Rinpoche’s vision is to build a Bon cultural center that will provide educational opportunities for all who wish to systematically study Bon teachings and become fully trained in Tibetan philosophy. Recognizing the widespread interest in seriously studying this tradition of wise compassion and inner peace, the non-profit organization Bon Shen Ling has committed to directing this project.

For more information on how to support this mission, please contact and we hope you can join us soon.

Join Our Mission

To encourage peace and harmony in all sentinient beings

Preserving the Bon native religion of Tibet and its teachings of meditation, healing, and compassion for the world.

Providing assistance for the impoverished through the creation of educational and medical programs in India, Tibet, Bhutan, Mongolia, and Nepal.

Bön Shen Ling, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization in the U.S., is dedicated to supporting the global Bon community through its programs that support refugees and educate western societies about this unique group of people and their way of life.


Chongtul Rinpoche resides and teaches in NY, splitting his time between the temple in Woodside, Queens, NY and the temple/retreat center in Warwick, NY.


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